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Equine Rescue Service and Equi-Trek – breakdown cover deal

For customers purchasing any of the full range of Equi-Trek trailers, Equine Rescue Services will provide one year’s free breakdown assistance in support of the manufacturer’s warranty or for customers purchasing a new horsebox Equine Rescue Services will provide assistance in support of the chassis manufacturer’s warranty.

The breakdown cover includes:

  • Free trailer recovery if needed
  • Equine experts to remove horses safely and transport them to the owner’s destination of choice
  • Full tyre support, not provided by manufacturer’s warranty

This service gives the new horse vehicle owner complete peace of mind that if anything goes wrong within the first 12 months of ownership, they and their horses will be looked after 24/7/365 anywhere in the UK.

Equi-Trek customers - CLICK HERE to apply for your free year's horsebox or horse trailer breakdown membership

About Equi-Trek

Equi-Trek are leaders in of luxury horse transport manufacturing top specification trailers and motorized horseboxes. Their products range from 2 horse trailers up to 8 horse motorized horseboxes.



For more information please contact Chris Facer, Equine Rescue Services
Telephone: 01300 348 997
Email: cfacer@equinerescue.co.uk