Preparing your horsebox or trailer for the new season

Late last year, you might have said a fond ‘adieu’ to your equine transport, knowing that in a few short months you’d be back together, raring to go with a whole new exciting horsey season ahead.

Now, I know that you’ve read our post on Winter Parking your Horsebox (I mean, why wouldn’t you!!) so here’s a reminder of what to do when it’s time to re-kindle your attachment to your equine transport.



  1. Look at the list of what you did when you put it away last Autumn – (the list from our winter parking post)
  2. Check tryes for tread, crazing and pressure (and put the wheels back on if you took them off!)
    – make sure you use the correct torque on the wheel nuts and check them after driving a few miles
  3. If you didn’t leave the fuel tank full, make sure the fuel that’s in it isn’t stale or contaminated
  4. Check all fluid levels – oil, engine coolant, brakes and windscreen washer
  5. Check the brakes and make sure they operate properly
  6. Tighten any drive belts that were slackened off
  7. Clean the vehicle again
  8. At Equine Rescue Services we absolutely recommend that you have the vehicle serviced too (horsebox and trailer) – it’s got a long season ahead and even though we are with you all the way, we know that you’d rather not break–down if you don’t have to!!

It’s not the most glamorous task, but then there’s a few of those in owing a horse! So, appealing to your built-in need for self preservation, just imagine the possible consequences of a brake failure or tyre blow-out when all you had to do was check them…..