Fixed Tyre Prices

Negotiated exclusively for our members

Fixed Prices on Replacement Tyres for your Horsebox (lorry)

Prices are based on the weight of your horsebox and your choice of tyre quality

Equine Rescue Services Fixed Tyre Prices for Horseboxes

Horsebox (lorry)
Economy TyreMid-Range TyrePremium Tyre
15" Diameter Tyres£108.00£132.00£156.00
Up to 7.4 tons£156.00£192.00£216.00
*7.5 tons and over£204.00£234.00£264.00

*19.5” and over Truck tyres will be priced separately

Included in the price are:

  • The Tyre
  • VAT
  • Disposal Fees (of old tyre)
  • Pressure Valves
  • Valve Caps

No Hidden Costs:

  • Just one fixed price and you're on your way....
  • You will not have to pay for the tyre(s) by the road-side, an invoice will be sent later
  • Call out and labour charges are covered by your Equine Rescue Services membership fees

If you do not wish to pay these fixed prices:

If you, the Equine Rescue Services member, decline tyre fitment on the basis of the fixed price, you will have to make your own arrangements. In this case, Equine Rescue Services will not recover your vehicle, however, we will recover the horses under your membership.