Equine Rescue celebrates success as Official Sponsor at Olympia Horse Show


Equine Rescue celebrates success as Official Sponsor at Olympia Horse Show

This year we became an official sponsor at Olympia Horse show for the first time. The show is such a favourite with the riding fraternity, especially families with children, and for many it is an essential part of Christmas.

The class that we sponsored was The Equine Rescue Mini Stakes, which saw 14 talented young riders competing to win the prize. It was certainly exciting to watch as they battled it out to achieve the fastest clear round.

We were thrilled to see the arena branded with Equine Rescue Services digital banners on the barriers, to see the short video that we created running on the big screen and to hear the announcer explain what services the UK’s leading independent provider of horsebox and trailer breakdown cover provides. Contestants also need to clear our very own Equine Rescue jump.

The overall winner was Millie Lawson on her pony Priestwood Hardy, who remarkably haven’t been together that long. Equine Rescue’s Chairman Michael Cunningham and his wife Virginia who happened to be celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary the same day presented the prizes.

Some of the runnners’ up from our 2019 Win a brand new Equi-Trek Trailer were invited to join us in the sponsor’s box, and some of the team from Head Office were getting into the festive spirit and gave a distinctly festive feel to the day.

snacking when driving, OK or Not?

Snacking whilst Driving – OK or go hungry?

Is it OK to snack when driving?

We all know that driving after alcohol is bad – highly illegal too after a certain limit, but how about eating and drinking soft drinks behind the wheel?

Well, it’s a very similar story to driving with bare feet. The law as it stands does not specify that you cannot snack whilst driving, but the question that will be asked if a legal situation arises is something like this:
were you in full control of the vehicle at the time of…..?”

After a long day out with the horses, it’s quite likely you’ll be hungry and snacking is right up there with things to do on the way home. Suffice to say, be safe.

Nice feet – How’s my Driving?

Is it Legal to drive with Bare Feet?

Well technically, yes. However, perhaps the question should be: ‘is it SAFE to drive in bare feet’?

Legislation currently does not stipulate “appropriate footwear for driving” meaning that us Brits can drive in any shoes we like, or indeed, no shoes at all whilst in the UK.

But, you are required by law to be able to operate the controls safely. This means that if you have wet or sweaty feet for instance, or perhaps your flipflops (or other footwear) have slippery soles, you could be prosecuted. It’s all about being safe whilst at the controls of a vehicle – common sense and knowing the law should prevail, so what about snacking behind the wheel?

It’s perhaps unlikely that that any of us Equineistas will be driving to & from our Horse events with bare feet, taking my shoes / boots off after loading up just isn’t the first thing I’d think of, however, perhaps for other journeys it’s worth being aware of law.

As ever, just use your noggin, understand the pitfalls and stay safe.

Second Badminton Title for William Fox-Pitt on Chilli Morning

A brilliant final round in the show jumping ring saw William Fox-Pitt take his second Badminton title on Sunday. We were gripped watching his calm approach to the jumps, and like thousands more, the team at Equine Rescue Services were willing Chilli Morning over each jump with bated breath. In true magnanimous style: “It’s Chilli Morning who deserves it…” says Mr F-P, but we think the jockey deserves a fair bit of praise too. Uncountable hours of hard work and commitment at the stables; highly talented guidance during the three gruelling events; and not least, just having the vehicles to safely transport the horse. It’s a privilege for us to be a part of the support that goes into this winning team and our congratulations go out to William Fox-Pitt and all at team Chilli Morning!
“My horses are valuable animals and I wouldn’t consider travelling without the backup that we know you provide.” William Fox-Pitt
Equine Rescue Services provide specialist equine vehicle breakdown cover to the Fox-Pitt Eventing team.

Tyre blowout and pony with colic? No problem

When Orchard Scurry Team, who are sponsored by Equine Rescue Services, were on their way to the New Forest Show, they had a tyre blowout and had to call us. Then, when they were on their way home again, one of their ponies developed colic and they had to call us again. Chris and Paul Orchard wrote to tell us all about it:

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