Nice feet – How’s my Driving?

Is it Legal to drive with Bare Feet?

Well technically, yes. However, perhaps the question should be: ‘is it SAFE to drive in bare feet’?

Legislation currently does not stipulate “appropriate footwear for driving” meaning that us Brits can drive in any shoes we like, or indeed, no shoes at all whilst in the UK.

But, you are required by law to be able to operate the controls safely. This means that if you have wet or sweaty feet for instance, or perhaps your flipflops (or other footwear) have slippery soles, you could be prosecuted. It’s all about being safe whilst at the controls of a vehicle – common sense and knowing the law should prevail, so what about snacking behind the wheel?

It’s perhaps unlikely that that any of us Equineistas will be driving to & from our Horse events with bare feet, taking my shoes / boots off after loading up just isn’t the first thing I’d think of, however, perhaps for other journeys it’s worth being aware of law.

As ever, just use your noggin, understand the pitfalls and stay safe.