Breakdown cover for your horse trailer

Just ONE Call
Just one telephone call into our control room will source all the assistance you need, regardless of which organisation is covering your towing vehicle.
Incident Management
A dedicated control centre co-ordinating all emergency and rescue services, providing that essential personal service for you and your horse
Roadside Assistance
Callout and attendance of a mechanical agent for breakdown & tyre failure of your horse trailer
Horse Transportation
Fresh horse transport to take your horses home, or to any other destination in the UK, if roadside repair of your horse trailer (or towing vehicle)* is not possible
Horse Trailer Recovery
Recovery of horse trailer to nearest agreed repair facility, or your home, or your original destination
Overnight accommodation for horses, drivers and grooms if onward transport is not practical
Additional support
In addition, veterinary support, farrier referral, and slaughter/carcass services can be provided on a pay-on-use basis.
Separate breakdown membership
*A separate breakdown membership with another company is required for your towing vehicle. We will rescue your trailer and horses if the other breakdown company cannot fix your vehicle by the roadside, but not the towing vehicle.
So for even better peace of mind, why not buy our fantastic Equicar membership for just £140 and know that your trailer and towing vehicle are covered by one superb membership. What’s more, your towing vehicle is covered even if you’re not towing when you break down.

Conditions Specific to Equine Trailer Assist

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions (see below) the following applies specifically to your Equine Trailer Assist membership. This membership does not cover assistance to your towing vehicle.

Eligible Trailer

The trailer, which is less than 35 years old from the date of first registration, owned by you as specified in the Schedule, and which is designed and manufactured specifically for the transport of horses or ponies, but excluding:

• Trailers being operated under a standard or international operator’s licence.

• Trailers capable of carrying more than three average sized horses.

• Trailers which require to be towed by vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons GVW.

Trailer Assistance

If the Eligible Trailer is immobilised as a result of a breakdown or puncture, you may call us anytime for:

• Call out of a repairer or tyre specialist to provide assistance.

If the Eligible Trailer cannot be repaired at the roadside we will arrange and pay for a single recovery of the trailer to a destination of your choice. (Recovery of the towing vehicle is not included).

Equine Assistance

If the vehicle towing the Eligible Trailer, or the Eligible Trailer is immobilised as a result of a breakdown and cannot be repaired at the roadside, we will arrange and pay for the following:

• Onward transport of your horse(s) or pony(s) to your original destination or to a one off destination of your choice, or

• If onward horse transport is not practicable we will recover your horse(s) or pony(s) from the immobilising incident to a local livery yard and provide overnight accommodation for your horse(s) or pony(s), you and your groom.

Conditions (Equine Trailer Assist)

Tyres and parts are not covered under the membership and will be charged retrospectively.

Breakdown cover for your horse trailer